The Modern Day Matchmaker July Challenge!

1 Jul

I was on Twitter last week  (the question is, when aren’t I on Twitter?) and I saw a tweet from Paul Brunson aka The Modern Day Matchmaker, that caught my eye. Paul, a certified relationship and life coach with a huge Twitter following, had thrown out an interesting challenge to his followers:

Well hey, I defo want to increase the number of dates I go on, so tell me more…

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eHarmony 0 -1 Plenty of Fish

29 Jun

With only one month of my three month eHarmony subscription left, the race is now on to see if I can get a date (or at least have an exciting conversation) using what is supposed to be one of the world’s most succesful dating websites. While I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a paid-for website, I’d heard lots of good things about it from other people so was excited to give it a go. I mean, what sort of dating blogger would I be if I hadn’t even experienced the dating giant know as eHarmony? Unfortunately, I’m sad to say that after two months, it’s just not working for me.

Me, when checking my eHarmony 'matches'

I went through ‘guided communication‘ with a nice-enough guy the first week I joined. I found the guided communication process to be long and tedious and to top it off, there wasn’t even a conversation at the end of it! Since then, I regularly check the matches they select for me but to no avail. The past couple of months have pretty much consisted of me saying “really, they think that we’re a match?” – just because I like watching TV, keeping my home clean and orderly and reading newspapers, it does not mean that any man who does the same is a good romantic match for me. Also the past two months have had me doing a lot of internal screaming whenever I check my matches and discover yet another blank photo with the words “request my photo” across it.  I have a selection of pics up, why are they so special that they think people need to specially request to see theirs?  Grrrr! It’s also very annoying to send  a message to a suggested match when it turns out they haven’t logged on for three weeks and most likely no longer have a valid membership. Fail, fail, fail.

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Next Stop, Cougar Town!

26 Jun

I look young for my age but I don’t always see it as the wonderful thing everyone else thinks it is. I will appreciate my youthful looks when I’m 50 and I finally look 30, but for now I find it frustrating to have to constantly prove  myself to people; whether it’s the sales assistant at my local Tesco (who is usually younger than me) or the doorman at a nightclub, I am repeatedly having to whip out ID to prove that I am an adult.  Sometimes would be flattering but all of the time feels insulting. I often find myself wanting to scream “FOR PETE’S SAKE, I AM A GROWN-UP – WITH A MORTGAGE AND EVERYTHING!”.

Another downside is that I tend to attract younger men. I know it’s not necessarily a bad thing but considering the fact I’ve never experienced a long term relationship, there’s a chance this may not necessarily be a good thing either. I don’t often attract older men (which is why I was so excited about dating Older Guy last summer) and to prove this theory, the only guys who hit on me while I was in New York were guys who were at least ten years younger than me. When I mentioned on Twitter and on my Facebook page that I was asked out by a 25 year old cutie-pie, the responses went a little something like this…

Yay, Cougars!

“….and the problem is?”

“Nothing wrong with going after the pups.”

“I”ve dated up to 13 years older…so why discriminate against someone younger. Why discriminate against someone younger. If someone is lacking in the mental faculties their age will make little difference. Age doesn’t equate to maturity.”

“10 years is fine! Especially if he is cute ;)

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